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The Saga University Faculty of Medicine has been built on the 25 years of good tradition established by Saga Medical School. These foundations are supported by our three primary missions, firstly, to provide a first-rate education, secondly, to conduct quality research and thirdly, to contribute to the advancement of the regional health services. We believe in forming a good habit of independent study for our students, and using a problem-based learning teaching methodology with small class sizes, so that in their practice of medicine they will be capable of grasping any problems they may encounter. Our curriculum is a functional systematic, which aims to present a wide range of views and ideas from the medical world.

As well as its commitment to education, the faculty of medicine is dedicated to pursuing quality research in both the basic field of research and the clinical field. In the clinical research field the faculty has paid special attention to establishing preventions and cures for behavioral diseases, cancer, liver disease and especially intractable infectious diseases which have been of most concern to people in the local area. In terms of basic research, the faculty has focused on epidemiological research to support its clinical research projects. This research has primarily looked into contagious diseases, allergies and regenerative processes.

The Saga University Faculty of Medicine Hospital is the main medical institution in Saga and is committed to excellence. To meet these aims, the hospital is devoted to tackling issues of regional medical importance, the continued training of its medical professionals, the constant enhancement of its emergency medical practices and the continued implementation of the latest medical and technological breakthroughs.

The faculty also set up the Center for Comprehensive Community Medicine which fulfills a unique role of supplying information and practical advice to the local medical community. We hope that this center will act as a model for comprehensive medical care within local areas.