Basic Plan

◆Basic Plan
Defining itself as the regional center entrusted with a tripartite mission of providing good medical education, conducting quality research, and rendering firstrate services in comprehensive medical diagnosis and treatment, saga Medical school endeavors train such professionals as are capable of satisfactorily meeting often changing needs that modern society creates. And it thereby aspires to make substantive contributions to the advancement of medical and nursing science and of the regional health services.


Institute of Medicine
(Faculty of Medicine)
Admission Capacity--95
Institute of Nursing
(Faculty of Medicine)
Admission Capacity--60
Entrance Capacity for Students with advanced standing --10
The Medical School of
Medical science
Eighteen Clinical Divisions
No,of Beds
The Medical School Library
Graduate School of
Medical Science
Doctoral Programs
Admission Capacity--30
Master's Programs
in Medical Science
Admission Capacity--15
Master's Programs
in Nursing Science
Admission Capacity--16