August 16.1974 "Office for the Establishment of a National College"
  was set up Saga University.
  Tetsuji Furukawa, dean of the Kyushu University faculty of
  Medicine, was appointed Head Officer of the above
May 8.1976 The above office was renamed as "the saga University Office
  for the Establishment of Saga Medical school".
October 1.1976 Saga Medical School was legally established with one subject
  T.Furukawa.Head officer of the above, was appointed president
  at the same time.
  Administrative Bureau was set up in Saga University.
January 31.1978 Lecture Hall Building was completed.
March 3-4 First entrance examinations for Saga Medical School were
10.Mar Basic Science Laboratory Building was completed.
22.Mar Administrative Bureau was transferred to Nabeshima-machi.
1.Apr Eight departments and eight subjects were created.
  Departments: Anatomy,Physiology,Biochemistry,Pathology,
  Microbiology,Intemlal Medicine,psy-
  chiatry,and Surgery
  Subjects: Philosophy, Psychology, Jurisprudence,
  Mathematics, Physics,Chemistry,English,
  and German
11.Apr The Medical School Library opened.
15.Apr First matriculation ceremony of the Faculty of Medicine was
3.Jun The ceremony commemorating the beginning of teaching
  was held.
15.Feb Buildings for Basic Research and Clinical Research were
15.Mar Dining Room of the Medical School Hall(for Student's Wel-fare)
  was completed.
22.Mar Gymnasium was completed.
26.Mar Administration Building, Athletic Field Tennis Outstand Energy
  Center Building were completed.
1.Apr Two departments (Phamacology,Obstetrics &Gynecology)
  were added.
  (Ten departments and nine subjects in total)
30.Nov Center for laboratory Animals and the Radioisotope Research
  Center first phase) were completed.
Decembers 10 Clinical Lecture Hall was completed..
February 14.1980 Seminar and Recreation Rooms of the Medical School Hall
  were completed.
25.Mar The Medical School Library was completed.
26.Mar Baseball Field was completed.
29.Mar Charnel House was completed in Kodenjitemple.
1.Apr Four departments(Immunology,Community Health Science,
  Forensic Medicine, and pediatrics) were added.(Fourteendepartments
  and nine subjects in total)
20.Nov Buildings Outpatients and Core Clinical Divisions and the West Word
  of the Medical School Hospital were completed.
30.Mar Martial Alt Gymnasium was completed.
1.Apr Four departments(Ophthalmology,Otolaryngology-Head &
  Neck Surgery Radilology,and Anesthesiology) were added.
  (Eighteen departments and nine subjects in total)
  The Medical School Hospital was established(Office for its
  establishment abolished).
  Thirteen clinical departments and Central Clinical Facilities were
  Clinical Departments:
  Internal Medicine,Dermatology,Neurapsychiatry
  Pediatrics,Surgery,Orthopedic Surhgery,
  Urology,Obstetrics & Gynecology,
  Ophthalmology,Otolayngology-Herd &
  Neck Surgery, Radilology,Anesthesiology,
  and Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
  Central Clinical Facilities:
  Dept.of Laboratory Medicine,Surgical Center,
  Dept.of Radiology,and Central Supply
10.Aug Facilities for Extracurricular Activities were completed.
21.Oct Facilities of the Medical School were completed; the ceremeny
  commemorating the beginning of the Medical School
  Hospital Operation was held.
26.Oct The Medical School Hospital started its operation with 325beds.
March 10.1982 Radiotherapy Facilities were completed.
Maech 25 Swimming Pool(50m.7lanes)was completed.
1.Apr Neurosurgery was added.(Fourteen clinical departments in total)
16.Jul 329 beds were now available with 4 added.
5.Oct East Ward the Medical School Hospital was completed.
25.Oct 449 beds were now available with added.
15.Dec Radioisotope Building (second phase) was completed.
April 15.1983 611 beds were now available with 162 added.
23.Dec Graduate school Building was completed.
March 26.1984 First graduation ceremony of the Faculty of Medicine was held.
12.Apr Graduate School of Medicine(Doctoral Programs) was estabished.
27.Apr First entrance ceremony of the graduate School of Medecine
  was held.
31.Jul Center for Laboratory Animals(second phase) was completed.
March 30.1985 Kyudo (Japanese Archery)Field was completed.
17.May Dept. of Emergency Medicine was established.
April 22.1986 Dept. of General Medicine was established.
April 1.1987 Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery was crested.
  (Nineteen departments and nine subjects in total)
30.Sep Center for Laboratory Animals( third phase) was completed.
March 15.1988 Guest House (Shiseikan) was completed.
25.Mar First confement ceremony of the Degrees of Doctor of
  Medical science was held.
13.May Tenth anniversary of the beginning of academic instrction
  was held.
March 28.1989 MRI-CT Building was completed.
28.Jun Intensive Care Unit was established.
March 12.1990 Clinical Research Building(Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery,etc.)
  was completed.
20.Mar Training Machine Room was completed.
April 12.1991 Center Laboratory Animals was established.
26.Oct Tenth anniversary of the establishment of the Medical
  School Hospital was held.
Aoril 10.1992 Central Laboratories for Medical Study and Research Equipment
  was established.
  Dept. of Transfusion Medicine was established
April 1.1993 Institute of Nursing (Faculty of Medicine) was established.
  (Two Institutes, nineteen departments and nine subjects in
  One subject (Sociology) was added.
  (Two divisions, nineteen departments and ten subjects in total)
  Institute of Nursing (Faculty of Medicine) was designated as
  a statutory equivalent to pubic health nursing school, and
  wifery schools and nursing schools.
1.Apr Emergency Medicine was created.
  (Two Institutes-four departments and eleven subjects in total.)
11.May Department of Anesthesiology & Critical Care Medicine superseded
  Department of Anesthesiology.
  Clinical Department of Anesthesiology and Critical Care
  Medicine superseded Clinical Department of Anesthesiology.
Marc-25.1997 First graduation ceremony of the Institute of Nursing(Foculty
  of Medicine ) was held.
1.Apr Graduate School of Medical Science supersede
  Graduate School of Medicine, and Program of Nursing
  Science (Master's Programs ) was established.
  Health Administration was Center was established.
23.Apr First entrance ceremony of the Graduate School of Medical
  science (Master's Programs in Nosing Science) was held.
April-1.1998 Department of Endoscopy was established.
23.May Twentieth anniversary of the beginning of academic instruction
  was held.
14.Nov Substation facility for receiving extra high voltage was completed;
  in operation on the same day.
April-1.2000 Medical Information & communication Center was established.
Apri1.2001 Rehabilitation & Center was established.
13.Oct Twentieth anniversary the establishment of the Medical School
  Hospital was held.
Desember-21 Formal agreement for the unification Saga University was reached;
  accompanying memorandum was also signed.
april 1.2002 Internal departmental system in the Institute of Medicine underwent
  change: System of 9 departments (anatomy, physiology, biochemistry,
  pharmacology, pathology, microbiology, immunology, community
  health science, and forensic medicine) and 11 subjects (philosophy,
  psychology, law, sociology, mathematics, mathematical and
  information sciences, physics, chemistry, biology, and German) was
  replaced by an 8-dedpartment system(anatomy & physiology,
  pathology & biodefense, social medicine, bimolecular sciences,
  medical information science medical education, protective,
  bioregulation, and physical & behavioral support system).
  The fatuity of medicine now consists of two Institutes with a total of
  23 departments.
April 1.2003 Master's Programs Medical Science was legally established in the
  Graduate School.
  Ceter for Comprehensive Community Medicine, an internal
  heretofore, was made official in its status.
  The academic structure of the School now consists of two
  Institutes with 19 departments, having abolished four thereof
  (Medical Information Science, Medical Education, protective
  Bioregulation and physical & Behavioral Support System in the
June 1.2003 Institute Nursing underwent change; a new system with four
  departiments(Basic Science for Nursing, Adult & Old Age Nursing,
  Mother & Child Nursing, and Community Health & Intemational
  Nursing) having superseded the three department system, structure
  of the School now consists of two Institutes with 20 departments.
Oct 1.2003 Joined togethr with the Saga Universty, and Saga Medical
  Uniyersity, New "Saga University"was established,
April 1.2004 National University Corporation SAGA UNIVERSTY was estab-